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Chasing Destiny with Kelly Rowland

Chasing Destiny with Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland's, member of Destiny's Child, new hit show Chasing Destiny is more than just a "HIT" show this 10 docu-series is packed with life lessons. This is not advertisement, this is REAL and in case you haven't been watching. Let me give you 5 reasons why you should be watching this show, like immediately.

Hence the name Chasing Destiny, is a show based on Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson, building a new girl group, their goal is to go after the same type of groups like Destiny Child, En Vogue, TLC and more. Kelly's goal is to group 5 young black females. She's moving fast throughout each show, to get down to those numbers, besides us viewers falling in love with so many of the woman, which who all can SANG. Each episode leaves you on pins and needles, like don't cut her lol. But these ladies are more than singers to me, they are conquerors and brave souls. It takes a lot for one person to get up and leave everything behind. Some have dropped out of school, left jobs, left their homes across the country for this opportunity and I don't blame them. Not only because I have done it in my own life, but because you never know when the next opportunity will come knocking on your door. 

5 Reasons Why


1. Sometimes it is better to watch other people go after their dreams, so that we can too believe in our own dreams.

Simple as that, we may not have the courage but if we see someone else going after it, we will feel encouraged. Now theres no guaranteed where it may lead us which brings me to number two.

2. Be opened to your dreams, the more you open yourself the more God can reveal His plan for you. 

Our dreams, do not look like the next person. God didn't create the same person twice, I believe. Though we may have been gifted with the same talents. Could you imagine Adele trying to be another Beyonce? No ma'am, there's only one of kind, One Bey and One Adele. We see that throughout the show, no competition amongst these ladies, they are all working towards the same goal, together.

3.Do not be afraid! What you scared of girl? 

Rejection? A lot of closed doors? Its normal, the more I've grown in my profession the more I have realized it comes with the territory. We don't always get the job we want, we don't always get approved for the business loan, we don't always get into the schools we want to get into nor will we receive the support we think we should have. But if I would've prepared myself years ago, my oh my would I be a lot further. We see these young ladies being turned down, but many have shown GRATITUDE, not only to perform for Kelly Rowland, but because they learned something new to help them develop.

4. Develop a new skill that will help you to perfect your craft.

Definition of craft; skill in planning, making or executing. We continuously hear Frank Gatson, saying ladies practice, practice. Many of these girls aren't strong dancers, but being apart of a girl singing group means dancing. As we've all adopted some type of dance from our favorite female groups. Salt n Pepa, in Push It', TLC with Creep, Destiny Child, with Survivor and En Vogue with.... I hope you don't think that all of these ladies were born dancers, no but they spent countless hours in dance studios perfecting a dance move. 

5.Practice, Practice and Practice. 

Now that you've decided to be encouraged to go after your dream and you feel a lot opened so that God can create the blueprint, and that you won't be afraid of what it might come with because you only have time to develop new skills, you now gotta put all of this to PRACTICE. Simple as that! You may find some open doors right away and some may not open until years from now.  I am witness to both, but given up is way too easy, many of these girls had been in previous groups, had been on several auditions, even made it on big named shows and still been cut. But they have the tenacity to keep going.

Through your experiences you are building your resume and portfolio. Don't discount any small opportunities, for it will all be used. Keep pressing.


Dear Mama,

Dear Mama,

From Hood to Womanhood'

From Hood to Womanhood'