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What's Your Signature LipStick?

What's Your Signature LipStick?

I love this picture of Sade, the first thing that stands out is that Red Lip chile! I provided several pictures of her, because she influenced this post. Sade could look effortlessly chic in almost anything she wore, but the red lipstick, give her a BOLD and REDEFINE look. As if she's saying without saying, I am here! Don't we all want to show up and say the same thing, without looking crazy?


Lately, I have dabbled into several colors, owning more lipstick than usual but my all time favorite happens to be RED, MAC Ruby Woo ! Now, I love a pink lip too, because it shouts sassy and whole lot of other things, but RED can be worn with everything and to every where. But not everyone is a fan of it. Thats why I want to help you, make a decision that works best for you. 

When looking for an everyday color, I tried multiple things. Keep in mind, I had to grow into lipstick, okay you caught me! I had to grow into makeup, period. I don't know if my kit looks like everyone else and that really does not bother me, as long as I am staying TRUE to works good for me and sometime less is best. 


Staying True is key, its easy to look at everyone else and how their lips may look, but if we apply the same thing and we don't like the outcome, we must simply keep trying. I had my failures of lipsticks, I actually started out with much more rich tones, and bright colors but none of which looked good. Not only do I have fuller lips, but my skin tone wasn't the same as the other woman lips I admired. 

Skin tone makes and breaks certain lipsticks, now if your don't mind any of that, than more power to you! nothing speaks than someone who is bold and confident. However, we can still be bold in whats true! In my discovery there are several shades and tone of every color. There are several tricks in toning colors up or down, just ask youtube. Keep in mind whatever you choose to wear,should be made for you. I get caught up in asking the ladies at the counter if they love what I am wearing until I realized, a) they could be just trying to sell, which has happen to me on several occasions and b) You have to wear the lipstick, not them, so be sure that you absolutely love it! You may have to get so some wear in it, in order to adjust in the color. You won't always know the first time. 

We will go deeper soon but until then, get your lip on! Check out your local beauty retail, MAC, Sephora,  





From Hood to Womanhood'

From Hood to Womanhood'