Why Online Gambling Problem is a Serious Issue

Why Online Gambling Problem is a Serious Issue

An online gambling problem is a relatively new term given that the internet itself has been proliferated as a gaming medium until just recently. Despite this, gambling, online or conventional, is the kind of thing that is potent enough to cause addiction.

The mechanism is just the same however different the method is; you place your bet and beg for a good fortune. You win, you want more; you lose, you want to try out your luck. This cycle keeps on continuing on until you develop that itch you feel when you have not gambled for a long time. Online gambling is just as dangerous as the conventional one; one research in UK revealed that 75% of the test subjects are either problem or pathological gamblers. This is a stark contrast to a mere 20% of regular conventional gamblers.

Gambling is a Serious IssueThe number given by the research is clearly harrowing. And just as is the case with real world casinos, online gambling problem can befall anyone of any age and any gender. Another research even showed how online gambling problems have been all too prevalent among women; a 2010 survey turned in 75% prevalence among men, compare that number to ones in 1999 and 2007, 76% and 71%.

The 2010’s percentage is not an improvement for previous years’ but prevalence among women is definitely worrying. The same 2010 survey showed 71% prevalence among women; while the number is more or less the same as among the men, it is an increase from 1999’s 68% and 2007’s 65%.

Something definitely needs to be done to prevent online gambling problem from being too embedded in our society. Some may view the deed itself as harmless and while that might be partially and subjectively true, it is the effects that should be the focus. Gambling problem, either online or not, is a gateway to a series of other serious health problems, both physical and mental.

People who suffer from gambling addiction have shown tendencies of developing habits substance abuse, perhaps as a means of coping with the gambling-inflicted depression. More threatening is the suicidal tendency; those with gambling problem are prone to commit suicide, an act that seems to stem from self-loathe and inability to perceive the values of one’s life.

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To a lesser extent, a gambling addict can also develop kleptomania. The demand of big amount of money needed to gamble will force people to find more sources. And if they can’t find any, they would steal, further damaging their inner self and image among the communities.

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