Gambling Addiction and the Symptoms

Gambling Addiction and the Symptoms

Gambling addiction has become one of the common problems that are faced by many people in this era. In term of game, gambling occurs when you play game of chance for money. You bet some money on something that you hope will give you greater payback. Gambling has become one of the most popular ways to enjoy the game. Some people think that playing a game without betting some money will not really interested. There are many types of gambling. However, gambling can lead to addiction. People have a strong desire to gamble again and again. Even someone will try to gamble although he or she has no money left. This kind of addiction can lead people to do many things that can help them to gamble such as loan some money or replace the money with something precious. Even, gambling addiction can lead people to commit crime. It is said that people don’t realize that they get addicted to gambling until they ruin their financial and their life. We are going to discuss briefly about gambling addiction and symptoms of gambling addiction.

What Is Gambling Addiction?What Is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction can also be called as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling, or gambling disorder. Basically, gambling addiction is considered as impulse-control disorder. It means that you cannot control your impulse or desire to gamble, even when it gives a serious and negative impact for you and the others. You will keep gambling whatever you feel or your conditions are.

There are many factors that can lead you to gambling addictions. The first and the most common cause is because gambling may offer you express money in the big amount. Commonly, people gamble because they think that gambling is one of the fastest ways to get more money. However, people who have no financial problem also gamble because they think that gambling is one of easiest ways to invest their money. In this era, gambling is also associated with social status. People gamble to show that they have a lot of money. People gamble also because they seek for the entertaining atmosphere of gambling. Once people get addicted, it will be very difficult to break the addiction.

Symptoms of Gambling AddictionSymptoms of Gambling Addiction

People who get addicted may not realize and aware that they have symptoms of gambling addiction. People often call gambling addiction as hidden illness because the symptoms may not be really clear like in drug and alcohol addiction. However, there are some symptoms that can be associated with gambling addiction

1. Secretive about gambling: you may gamble in secret and even lie about plying gambling or in how much you gamble. You don’t want anybody know that you gamble. You think that will not understand you well. You want to avoid them because commonly they will forbid or suggest you not to gamble.

2. Trouble in controlling gambling: you may have difficulties to control gambling in term of money and time. When you gamble, you don’t even care about how much you have spent and how long that you have played.

3. Gambling even when you don’t have money: you may have strong desire to gamble even when you don’t have enough money. You will do anything to get the money in order to gamble.

4. Concern from your friend and family: when your friends and families have felt disturbed about you and gambling, it can be also a sign that have addicted.

Those are some information about gambling addiction and some symptom of the addiction. It is recommended that you don’t try to gamble because once you have try, it may lead you to the addiction. Hopefully, this information can help you to realize some symptoms of gambling addiction that are shown by you or someone you love.

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