Gambling Addictions: Symptoms, Causes and Effects

Gambling Addictions: Symptoms, Causes and Effects

Gambling addictions or Compulsive gambling is a problem in which the sufferers commonly think that they can get an easy money without doing any hard works. This condition will usually lead into a financial ruin. Actually, the only party which gets the benefits of gambling activities is the house of gambling, since it will always win, and the gamblers will usually get some negative effects. In this article, the types, causes, and effects of gambling addictions will be thoroughly discussed.

Different Types of Gambling AddictionsDifferent Types of Gambling Addictions

There are many different activities of gambling. That is why, the different types of gambling addictions are also available. Someone who is suffering gambling addictions does not always show obvious signs. The gambling activities are not only limited to the cards, slot machines, and casinos only. Making a bet and purchasing a lottery ticket are also considered as participating in gambling

One of the gambling addictions’ sign is a feeling of being in a financial ruin which can only be solved by gambling in order to get a large amount of money. However, this decision will only lead to a cyclical condition in which the gamblers will think that they have to return on the other days to get the money they have lost before.

Another type of gambling addictions is the emotional high feeling as the result of making a risky bet which is sometimes paid off. In both types of gambling addictions, the sufferers should try their best attempt to stop the negative behavior.

Causes and EffectsCauses and Effects

There are various factors that can cause the gambling addictions to occur. The most common factors are the desire to feel the highs and thrills, financial needs, and the desire to be in such an entertaining atmosphere. What usually happens is, when a gambler experiences a gambling addiction, he/she will find it very hard to break the cycle. The cycle happens when the gamblers lose their money, and plan to return back another day in order to get what they have lost back. Even if they are successful in getting the money by winning the game, that money is not enough to pay off the sum of money they have lost before.

The effects of a compulsive gambling can be either short-term or long-term. Gambling addictions will usually result in another addiction like alcohol, drugs, and any other activities to reduce the gambler’ anxiety. Not only does gambling affect the gambler who experience a failure in gambling, but it also negatively affects a gambler who has never experienced any financial ruin. He/she may be still lead to alcohol and drugs as a result of the lifestyle among gamblers.

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